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Ankole Living Uganda is in the unique position  to help ease real suffering caused by Covid-19 in the capital city of Kampala.  Your donation will go directly to the people most desperate within the communities surrounding our workshops and office.  The city is a tough place to live right now because they have been in lockdown to the point where they can not drive on the streets.  People have no way of making a daily wage.  Landlords demand payment.  People who are trapped in the city can't get back to their home village.  Medical care is not accessible for some without financing.  

This is from our founders, Downie and Bobby Mickler, who lived and worked full time with Food for the Hungry in Kampala before starting business/ministries,  "There is no time like the present.  This is a time sensitive situation."    

Since we are not a 501c3, your charitable donation is not tax-deductible.  

So, we would like to ship you a gift from Ankole Living USA!

$25 = Decorative Salad Tongs

$50 = Large Asha Bowl 

$100 = Tall Imani Vase

$250 = Bamba Bowl