Our Process

Ankole Living celebrates the uniqueness of our buyers by bringing nature into elegant spaces.  We are blessed with the opportunity to create jobs in East Africa while up-cycling nature's finest treasures - horn, natural banana fiber, cotton, leather, and more.  We produce unique styles and good design with ethically sourced, by-products of East Africa, thereby creating sustainability. We purchase our horns from the stock yards, and import them directly to our workshop in Uganda where local artisans create handmade housewares, jewelry, and breathtaking statement pieces.  Each horn is carefully cut, dried, cleaned extensively, sanded, polished and sealed. The shape of the horn is manipulated by submerging the clean horn into boiling shea butter from the area.  This makes the horn soft and malleable, ready to be pressed in a mould or hand formed in an organic fashion.  Similarly, all other materials are collected and transported to Kampala, Uganda where our clothing is sewn, jewelry is created, and handbags are woven.

Out of respect for the people, tribes and traditions of East Africa, our goal is to provide people the opportunity to reach their potential and flourish.  We have created a sense of pride and purpose in our community which is reflected in the quality of our products.  We thank our customers for participating in our mission to help improve the quality of life for many.  Your investments make a huge difference in the lives of many!