Expressiveness in a space is what brings us joy!  The right measure of personality, color, comfort level, and artistic license make a designers work spot on.  We have a special affinity to the natural because light shows its imperfections, and THAT IS TRUE BEAUTY.



Art is not only for admiring, at times it's also useful.  The more we incorporate natural horn into our lives on a daily basis, the more in tune we become with the rawness of life and the value and frailty of humanity. 



Ankole horn must be cared for in a special way.   Washed by hand and dried completely,  immediately -  It is heat sensitive, so it may not be used in the microwave, or dishwasher.



Special gifts mean you really care.  Wedding, birthday, Father's or Mother's day, hostess gifts...There is no better way to say -  "Thank you.  I respect you,  I admire you.  I love you."

We love Uganda

We source our Ankole horn from Uganda.  Our mission is to provide jobs and create small businesses in developing countries.  We also enjoy partnering with our friends Jenny and Russell Barton from Australia who founded Operation Uganda, a non-profit, non-governmental organization creating sustainable community development projects in Uganda, and rescuing the most vulnerable and destitute children.  

Right now Operation Uganda is providing scholarship programs to these children. Education gives them the power to dream - it's liberating and opens doors that would otherwise have been closed.  

We support Operation Uganda, and hope you will too!