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Imba Caddy

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Create your own story for the Imba caddy, one of our best sellers.  Our Imba Caddy, meaning "sing", is a small container made from natural Ankole cow horn from Uganda.  It's the perfect place for jewelry, keys, change, or any small items. Or, elevate your gathering by serving nuts, candies, or even cold dips in these handsome pieces.  You can even dress up your wine by nesting the bottle in our caddy!  There are so many ways to enhance your space with our Imba caddy that sings to it’s own tune... versatile and unique!

Our products are made of all natural materials. Hand wash only with cool water and mild soap. Dry immediately.  Heat sensitive.

Dimensions:  Large:  4.5-5" diameter, 2" high;  Regular:  3-4" diameter, 2" high