Glass, square holding a 3 inch Lucite base. Seven mounted large Ankole Horns dramatically

Tarubu Table

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Create the ultimate Style experience in your space with our extraordinary Tarabu Table.  Our Tarabu Table, meaning "Joy" in Swahili, is a truly stunning statement piece.   This One-of-a-Kind exquisite table is constructed with a Champagne Nickel Steel frame holding a 3 inch Lucite base.   Seven mounted Large Ankole Horns dramatically "explode" up to a 1/2 inch glass top. These Ankole horns are ethically sourced and handcrafted by skilled artisans from Uganda.  The table measures 30"X 30"x 46".   We currently offer two color options:  Dark Horn with Multi Color Striation  OR  Light Horn with Taupe/Honey/Brown Multi Color Striation.