The Art and Joy of Gift Giving

The ceremonial giving and receiving of gifts at Christmas time is a social behavior that has long been a tradition and a purpose in our society.  It’s the ritual of reciprocity that we perform with hope and expectation, it is a social grace and it is also a means of showing someone you care about them.
The idea of a gift exchange can bring on a host of emotions for people as they search for the perfect gift.  For some it’s exciting and fun, while others feel dread.  The fear of disapproval can stifle a gift exchange, but most people have been conditioned to appreciate any gift, agreeing “it’s the thought that counts.”  
Getting ready for the big day:  What do you get someone who has everything?   A gift needs to reflect the uniqueness of the person receiving it.  It must tell them something about themselves.  First, make a list of the things the person is interested and what you think defines who they are.  Look back at the past.  Ask yourself what that person might need in the future.   What would they not only buy themselves but would truly appreciate?
Some ideas for men would be our fabulous shoe horns that come in 3 sizes and are made of natural Ankole horn with a leather strap for hanging.  Or a heavy weighted horn Baraka bottle opener with a 6 pack of Christmas Ale.  And any catch all tray/bowl for his side table or dresser, handcrafted purely of natural horn would be a handsome reminder of how special that man is to you.  
For the ladies, we recommend our one of a kind jewelry pieces and any of our Imani or Neema Vases with a glass candle or assortment of flowers to fill it for the holidays.  Our favorite is the Malia Organic Bowl, an art piece with many functions, perfect for a woman with good taste and unique style.  
With every loving gesture and opportunity to give something special, we hope you will find joy in the process.  We do.  In fact it’s the thought you put into your gift giving that does count. 
Happy Holidays from the Ankole Living Team!





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