Six Tips From an Interior Designer: Creating the Perfect Thanksgiving Tablescape

The holiday season is upon us and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. If you have ever hosted family or friends for the great Thanksgiving feast, you know there is a touch of pressure that comes with the whole event. The spread, the ingredients, the kids, the seating, and of course the table itself. We consulted expert Interior Designer Amanda Kessler from the Keeping Room Interiors for her tips and tricks on creating the perfect tablescape that is both stunning and functional. Here is what she shared:

  1. Start with your statement piece then work your way from there

“On this tablescape we knew we wanted to use the Ankole horns as the main statement because they can be both casual and dressy. Start with your larger statement pieces in the center and work your way out. Once you know what you want your focal point to be you can begin adding texture in the fabric of the table skirt or napkins to accent the statement piece.”

  1. Less is more

“After placing your statement piece in the middle and deciding your textures, consider the amount of space you have to work with. You want people to be able to make eye contact and speak to each other without the center piece being a distraction. From there, set your chargers, plates and glasses. Keep it simple yet striking.”

  1. Set your table first, then add embellishments

“Get the important components on the table, then add your embellishments. Consider space for food, wine bottles, and of course elbow room for guests. Be intentional about your embellishments.”

  1. Set your table the day before

“My mother-in-law taught me this and I will never forget it. This allows for more time and less pressure the day of your event and, in doing so, you are able to enjoy the tablescape a bit more.”

  1. Buy your flowers the day of

Consider how much space is available for flowers. Use neutral vases that complement the main center piece as well as the other components of the table. If your table is more neutral, let your pop of color and texture be in the flowers. For this table we chose flowers that were not so contrived and had a more natural look as to compliment the natural beauty of the Ankole horn.”

  1. Conversation starters are always a good idea

“This gets everyone involved and keeps the conversation light hearted!”


Photos from Kappa Tablescapes 2019 

Designed by The Keeping Room Interiors team

The Keeping Room Interiors is based in San Antonio, TX and offers their clients access to incredibly beautiful fabrics and furniture designed & created all over the world from New York & London to Paris & Thailand. For more information visit




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