Our Emergency Response & How You Can Help

We we started Ankole Designs / Ankole Living to be a business with ministry intent. As Food for the Hungry missionaries, Bobby and I had experienced the disappointment of those who were left behind once money ran out in the middle of a development project funded by a non-profit organization.  We also saw the need people have to work, create, develop, and build things.  As we know in the US, these actions develop the good kind of pride and dignity in a person when they can provide for themselves and their families.  Work is a blessing.  

Right now, we are looking at a different situation in Kampala, Uganda where our workshop and office is.  This is no longer a development atmosphere, where people can work to feed their families.  This is the time for a relief operation.  And we are changing gears for a short period of time to help "stop the bleeding".

The effects of Covid-19 go far beyond infection and illness.  The economies of the world are slowly shutting down.  In Kampala, the problems are compounded by the government lock down.  People were selling goods, working in food stands on the side of the road that are now closed.  Transportation is regulated to essential vehicles only.  Hospitals are not accessible to all people who need medical attention. Government efforts to supply food to people in need have been unsuccessful on the whole.  Families who have no savings are praying for relief and asking for help.  

Our amazing Christian staff lead by Robert Sembuya, and business associates, are filled with compassion for people suffering all around them.  They are the hands and feet at this time of our organization.  They love being able to help people in great need.  Elderly, single parents, sick, whoever they know needs help, they will meet and appropriately give to and take care for them.

I am so thankful to have the opportunity to connect people who have with people who don't have.  Just for now.  Just for this time.  And may God end this pandemic and heal the nations soon, so that we can all go back to work.  

Thank you for your participation in this great effort to minister to people in need in the city of Kampala for such a time as this.

Since we are not a 501c3, your charitable donation is not tax-deductible.  

So, we would like to ship you a gift from Ankole Living USA!  When you donate the following amounts on our website, you will receive the correlating Ankole piece.

$25 = Decorative Salad Tongs

$50 = Large Asha Bowl 

$100 = Tall Imani Vase

$250 = Bamba Bowl 






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