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Milele Safari Trunk

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Create a stunning space with our Milele Safari Trunk, an extraordinary statement piece.  Timeless, like the Hemingway safari trunk, and more masculine in nature, the Milele Safari Trunk, which means"Always & Forever" in Swahili, is handmade in the heart of Uganda by a master Dutch craftswoman and Ugandan apprentices.  The interior is made of valuable East African Mvule hardwood, prized not only for its beauty, but also its natural resistance to termites.  The handsome dark brown leather exterior is handmade from Ankole hide.   Showcase your distinctive style with this one-of-a-kind stunning statement piece where nature and elegance collide.

Dimensions:  Long:  48" x 16" x 20";  Medium:  26" x 18" x 18";  Small:  22" x 16' x 16"