Transitional living

"Mix and match the old with the new.  Whatever you like will fit.  Don't be afraid to try something and move it if it doesn't work."  "Change, movement is key."

I live in my home always creating.  I have moved more times than I care to think of, and I have learned how to be flexible from my parents.   My parents both love reinventing homes.  I have watched them tear out walls, add on floors, change styles, reconfigure rooms, design facades, analyze flow, create purposeful spaces, and furnish them all every day of my life.  They are working on an old West Texas ranch house as I write this.  My mother finds historical significance in homes, furniture, and accessories.  Her strength is in the enhancement of what she finds already there.  I guess I have that same knack.  I don't know that I am as much a history buff, but I mostly enjoy using what I have on hand to create something different, unique, and special.  There is a certain comfort that comes over me when things look just right for a moment.  

My husband and I,  likewise, have always remodeled every house we've lived in.  The ones in Texas, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Uganda.  All with different themes and colors to fit the climate and culture of the place we lived in.  Our children have always been allowed to decorate their own rooms.  We have painted murals on the walls, made bedding they liked, they create their own wall art and furniture, etc... it has been fun, and it's never looked perfect.  Perfection is reserved for the Lord.  Anyway, we have never had the kind of money to do just whatever we wanted.  For this reason, and the fact that I believe God is the master creator, I have always been satisfied not knowing how a project will actually turn out in the end.  It's the journey, the creative energy, stimulation, and questioning that goes on that is important to me.  

A habitat should also be personal - a  place combining all of the personalities and hearts of the people living there.  Transitional is a great word for the peices we create.  It's about movement, passage, change from one stage to another, repurposing, modulation, multiple materials...and isn't that how life is!  Transitional.  For some that may be scary, to live in contant transition.  But, I am very comfortable moving things around, and playing with my house, making old things new and pairing them all together in different ways.  It is a blessing...the ability to be flexible and transitional.  I believe we are happier when we are willing to learn, grow, and try new things everyday.